That's not a Green Terror!

Information and guides to the south American Cichlid genus Andinoacara

Andinoacara cf. pulcher × Andinoacara rivulatus


General Information

These fish are very often wrongly sold within the hobby as Green Terrors or as Blue Acara.

They are neither and both, one parent will be A. rivulatus and the other A. pulcher (or Andinoacara cf pulcher).

The hybrids in question normally exhibit the size and colouration of the A. pulcher parent, but often have the orange seams of the A. rivulatus parent, on both the dorsal and caudal fins.
A pure A. cf pulcher does not have any colouration on the seam of the caudal fin.

The seam on the dorsal tends to be a lot thicker in the hybrids as well, similar to A. rivulatus, but this is hard to distingush in young fish.

These fish appear to be fertile and can continue to breed.


This video shows hybrids Andinoacara cf. pulcher and Andinoacara rivulatus.